Vertical Cask Ale Extractors
Vertical Ale Extractors
3/4" BSP Thread (A330BSPSS)
61.32 (inc. VAT)

Y Thread (A330YSS)
61.32 (inc. VAT)

L Thread (A330LSS)
61.32 inc. VAT)
MG Thread (A330MGSS)
61.32 (inc. VAT)
18 Gallon Kil Siphon (27")....2 Out Top
Ready to use, complete with built in non-return valve, 1/2" hosetail, filter, Stainless Steel Collar/Broach, Vent Valve
& Blank Nut for Collar / Broach
Built in non-return
2 Outlet top...
CNC machined from
one piece of solid material,
no joints, no leaks.
The 2 out top is not the normal 'TEE' piece, when two engines are pulled simultaneously, they fight one another...
Our own design is machined with two internal elbows, pulling from the same source, thereby overcoming the normal two outlet problems.