Vertical Cask Ale Extractors
Vertical Ale Extractors
3/4" BSP Thread (A230BSPSS)
61.32 (inc. VAT)

Y Thread (A230YSS)
61.32 (inc. VAT)

L Thread (A230LSS)
61.32 (inc. VAT)
MG Thread (A230MGSS)
61.32 (inc. VAT)
18 Gallon Kil Siphon (27")....Side Out Top
Ready to use, complete with built in non-return valve, 1/2" hosetail, filter, Stainless Steel Collar/Broach, Vent Valve
& Blank Nut for Collar / Broach
Our products are of the highest quality. Our method & design has proved to give long term unbeatable performance.
Built in
non-return valve
Side Outlet top... CNC machined
from one piece of
solid material,
no joints,
no leaks.